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Kenyan sprint coach poses as athlete and gives urine sample

Rio Olympics Rugby Men A spectator watches the men's rugby sevens match between Brazil and Kenya at the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Thursday | AP

Kenyan sprint coach John Anzrah was withdrawn from the delegation and sent home after he posed as an athlete and gave urine sample. The IOC has not revealed the name of the athlete he substituted and it has not said if the athlete, too, will face sanctions.

Kipchoge Keino, head of the Kenyan Olympic Committee, called the coach’s behaviour unacceptable and said Anzrah “gave the urine sample and even signed documents” posing as the athlete.

Earlier this week, Kenyan track and field manager Michael Rotich was sent home after being trapped in a sting operation by the media. Rotich agreed to tip off athletes about the schedule of WADA testers. The testing is supposed to be secret and sudden. Rotich agreed to sell the information for 10,000 pounds.

The double whammy came as a shocker, because Kenya has a dubious record and was removed from the WADA’s list of non-compliant countries only on the day the Games opened.

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