BCCI to finalise new constitution by September 28

CRICKET-IND-BCCI BCCI secretary Ajay Shirke and president Anurag Thakur | AFP

The BCCI has informed the Justice Lodha Panel that after the Board holds its annual general meeting on September 21, it will call an extra ordinary general body meeting, not later than September 28, to put forward the new constitution to all its members for adoption. BCCI secretary Ajay Shirke filed its first compliance report on Thursday as per the instructions of the Lodha Panel.

According to exclusive information available with THE WEEK, the first point on the list of 11 compliances that Lodha Panel had given to Shirke on August 9 is related to "formally adopting the new Articles and Memorandum of Association" as prepared by the Lodha Committee for which the target date is September 30.

Interestingly, the 11th compliance is related to states also formally adopting a uniform Memorandum of Associations and then sending their representatives to the general body of the BCCI. The states are nowhere near to doing that as yet.

During the recently concluded working committee meeting of the Board in the capital, BCCI members were briefed about the 11 compliances that the BCCI has been given. Members' queries and doubts were addressed in that meeting, the report informed Justice Lodha’s Panel. When working committee members queried about the status of the review petition filed by the BCCI, they were informed that if the review petition and the possible curative petition that BCCI plans to file do not succeed, Lodha Panel recommendations would be binding on BCCI and its members.

The BCCI informed the three-member panel formed by the Supreme Court that in case of more than one association representing a state, BCCI secretary Ajay Shirke will send letters to affected state associations to meet amongst themselves and decide who should be full member for first term. Maharashtra and Gujarat are the two main states which have more than one cricket association as full member of the board. They have been given a deadline of September 25 to decide amongst themselves and inform the BCCI.

It also informed the Lodha Panel that a list of officials, who will become ineligible to hold any office, is being prepared. The BCCI will circulate the final list to state associations by September 25.

BCCI informed the panel that the processes related to adopting a new IPL Code of Conduct, Player Association formation have been set in motion and it will update the Lodha Panel in its next progress report. The second progress report will be filed within next 15 days.

The report, however, ends with a caveat that the BCCI is chalking out a time-bound programme and action plan, even though it is awaiting legal reprieve via the pending special review petition and the option of filing a curative petition if needed. In case the SC judgement gets stayed or is set aside, or any relief is granted to BCCI by the apex court in future, it has the right to cancel or amend the action plan.

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