Fans upset with Serena's photoshopped photograph

serena-williams-casual (File) Serena was recently named People Magazine's Most Beautiful Women

What do you do when there is immense pressure on you to play well and look stunning? Well, there isn't much you can do about playing well except to excel in it if you are a top seed player like Serena Williams. However, looking good isn't as hard as winning matches, thanks to photoshop.

Serena, who was recently named People Magazine's Most Beautiful Women, may have been unhappy with one of her pictures as she decided to photoshop it a bit and thin her waistline before posting the photo on her official Instagram account. This move, however, did not go down well with her fans and followers on Instagram who noticed that the image was photoshopped.

Following a barrage of discouraging comments, she was forced to remove the image from the social media platform. She then posted the original image without the photoshop touches.

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