Write with 'ink' on your phone!

Write with 'ink' on your phone!
  • A new feature in Microsoft's app for phones and tablet, lets you 'write' on your Office docs with pen, stylus, or finger.

One of the main constraints of these apps faced by professionals’ on-the-go is the difficulty in typing text or drawing a graph or diagram. This is more so you are trying to work from your phone instead of a laptop or tablet.

Microsoft recently announced an "Inking" feature for its Office tools, which would allow users to write or draw in documents, presentations and spreadsheets with a pen, stylus or even one's fingers.

The inking feature enables users to edit documents by reviewing and correcting errors. One can mark the errors and type the changes then and there. There’s also the highlighter and eraser that lets you highlight the errors for later reference and erase the ink once the changes have been made. The inking feature also comes with different colours and pen thickness.

The app offers you two different modes for the inking feature, one with pen and one without. There is a pen icon on top of the tool for mobiles devices with a compatible pen, which needs to be tapped to activate. For devices without pen, users need to go to the Home menu and tap on 'Draw', which will suggest two options: Tap to Draw with Mouse or Touch. Although it’s easier to use a pen or a stylus compared to finger for editing documents, but this additional touch feature is helpful for those who don’t want to invest in a digital pen or an expensive device with stylus.

The inking feature is now available for Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps. The Microsoft Office apps is available for free download in GooglePlay, AppStore and Microsoft store.

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