Vehicle servicing is just a click away!

Vehicle servicing is just a click away!
  • Secondary metros lead when it comes to online repair and sales of cars and two wheelers

Recent weeks have seen almost simultaneous announcements of web based services for four wheeler and 2 wheeler owners in three metros -- Ahmedabad, Pune and Bangalore. Two different startups offer a gamut of desktop or mobile phone based solutions for busy owners who like to have their vehicles picked up and dropped back after repair or maintenance. Here is a rundown on what's on offer:

In Bangalore, a mobile app, BookMyTime

For Bangaloreans, BookMyTime is an end-to-end mobile-based platform connecting automobile owners with car dealers and service providers.

The help you find the best price and value for new cars of any brand, even while linking you to a wide network of car service providers. You can quickly reach puncture shops across the city, and find towing services, 24 by 7.

Says BookMyTime founder Muki Regunathan: “This app is the result of several months of ground work that went into building a robust network of car service providers and associated services. We initially conducted a survey amongst car owners, which reinforced our suspicions about the existence of a glaring gap in the new car purchase and maintenance lifecycle. While there are other players in the market, who are offering similar services, we feel that none of them provide the end-to-end care that BookMyTime provides. BookMyTime not only helps in finding the best and nearest service provider, but also has in-house car experts who guide and support the car owner make informed service, repair and maintenance choice for their cars.”

BookMyTime has tied up with 182 authorized and multi-brand garages for car services across Bangalore to provide various services ranging from free services, regular paid services, paints, dent removals, ad-hoc repairs, replacement of tyres, windshields, batteries, etc. It has tied up with all the 110 new car dealers, while partnering with 5 independent towing agencies . New car purchase and service e-platform offered in Bangalore.; Find the Android app BookMyTime here.

In Ahmedabad and Pune, online booking at AutoYaar for vehicle servicing

After a successful opening in Ahmedabad, earlier this year, Autoyaar ( www.autoyaar.com) came to Pune last month with its convenient web portal to locate and book a reliable neighbourhood agency to service your two or four wheeled vehicle, have the battery or tyres attended to -- or just to use the services of a car spa.

The company is looking to the tech-savvy professionals in the city to solve one of their worries: How to get a car or bike repaired without a lot of hassle -- having to locate a reliable garage, bargaining over the cost, delivering and collecting the vehicle on a working day?

Autoyaar claims to be especially useful, after the warranty or free service period is over and you have to fend for yourself. Many owners prefer to get their services from third party agencies after the warranty period which is typically 3 years, because it is usually cheaper that way. But finding a trustworthy neighbourhood garage can be a challenge.

Autoyaar has inspected and registered a large number of such third party servicing agencies after rigorous checks of their work quality. Once you go to the website and enter what you want done, Autoyaar will locate the best and nearest agency and arrange for someone to come to take your vehicle and return it -- mostly on the same day. It will provide an estimate of the charges it has negociated with the garage. The customer has to deal only with Autoyaar who will manage the repair or service and facilitate online payment -- unless you prefer otherwise

"Our rates are usually 20-30 percent lower than what you would encounter on your own", says Autoyaar co-founder Amisha. The company quickly gained nearly 2000 customers in its home ground Ahmedabad before expanding to Pune. It plans to operate in other Indian cities in a phased manner.

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