This website charges $10 to end your relationship for you

The-Breakup-Shop This website offers to breakup with your partner on your behalf | Screenshot

Internet is the answer for all. Be it for unknown recipies, buying clothes, finding employment or a dog walker. The latest addition to this list is a website which helps you breakup with your partner.

Founded by two Canadians brothers, who want to keep their names secret, The Breakup Shop will help you deal with the mess of saying goodbye to your used-to-be-significant-other.

The shop will send a breakup text or email for $10, snail mail for $20 and the bound-to-be-awkward phone call for $29, according to New York Post. Rush options, like a phone call needed within 24 hours, will run 10 dollars more than the no-rush option, which can take up to three days.

The phone call option only lasts one minute. The Breakup Shop’s team use relevant details provided by the dumper for the phone call.

The site also features a “Gifts for Exes” for $80 to help the recently single person get through it all.

The gifts include:
300g box of Chips Ahoy! Rainbow Cookies
$30 Netflix Gift Card
set of two (2) 18oz red wine glasses
either "The Notebook" Blu-ray or "Call of Duty: Ghosts" video game
Handcrafted sympathy letter
Comforting gift box

The Breakup Gift Pack box can also be changed into a "memory oven" which can be stuffed with your former partner's jewelry, underwear or whatever and set on fire.

Though a useful idea, a person, who needs a stranger to deliver the decision, is perhaps best left alone.

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