Reliance Communications rolls out nationwide network

  • First 'Make in India' tech will cut cost of video distribution by 80 per cent

Riding on the back its considerable fibre optic communication assets both in India and globally, Reliance Communications (RCOM) has joined with its subsidiary Global Cloud Xchange (GCX) to deploy the first made-in-India Content Delivery Network (CDN), Fast Edge.

The CDN will place content caches around the edge of Reliance’s Indian network, connecting back to 9 data centres located in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad The content caches, are seamlessly connected to Reliance' network of data centres situated in key hubs along the globe girdling Emerging Markets Corridor, using the company's own subsea fiber network.


"We are bringing a Big Data Centre approach to content delivery", explains Bill Barney, CEO of RCOM Enterprise & GCX, "Content Delivery through local caches will help us bring down the cost of video distribution by almost 80 percent—to around $5 / MB".... we are the first, but we can expect other telecom companies like Idea, Airtel, Tata and Vodafone to follow suit."

Braham Singh, SVP of Product Management, RCOM Enterprise and GCX adds that having local cache servers throughout India means all types of content including social media, data, video and gaming and movies, can now be served from the same neighborhood where it is consumed, reducing the customers' need to invest in large bandwidth.

The distance for content to travel to the "eyeball" is effectively slashed from a typical 5,000 km to 10 kms tops. This eliminates the so called 'last mile' bottleneck and also ensures that any local surges in usage can easily be absorbed without degradation in the content.

According to the Global Internet Trend 2016 report by Mary Meeker, KPCM, India’s Internet User growth is accelerating at more than 40% year over year and India has surpassed the USA to become the 2nd Global User Market behind China. Over The Top (OTT) services riding the broadband connection, games makers and New Media are addressing a market of 350 million Indians. For them, the Reliance CDN will come as a welcome technology to reach the customer.

Reliance Communications is India's number one owner of fibre networks—and the world's number 2.

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