Now a website to slap Aamir Khan; Actor gets millions of slaps already

Now a website to slap Aamir Khan; Actor gets millions of slaps already (Image source:

Days after a Shiv Sena leader's remarks on slapping Aamir Khan for his remarks on intolerance sparked off an outrage, a group of students created a website where you can slap the actor online.

Reports said over a million people slapped the actor in the first few hours. Though the students at Miami Ad School have claimed that the site,, is only for humour and creative purposes and does not represent any political views of the people involved, it has already attracted criticism from different quarters.

On the site, you can slap the actor's face by moving the curser over his face. His face is seen changing after every slap. The site has also a tracker where you will be able to know how many times the actor has been slapped.

A few days back, Punjab Shiv Sena chief Rajeev Tandon had created a controversy by offereing Rs one lakh to anyoe who slaps the actor for his remarks.

Aamir had triggered a storm last week during an event in Delhi when he shared his wife's fear that they might have to leave India to escape the growing intolerance in the country.

Aamir's remarks had virtually split the politicos with the opposition using them to target the government and the BJP and other right-wing groups attacking the actor.

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