From iWave, a Make-in-India healthcare platform for OEMs


The many uses of IoT in healthcare are changing business in the medical industry through mobile medical applications, wearable devices, telehealth systems etc. Patients can capture their health data and hospitals can use IoT to keep track of the location of medical devices, personnel, patients etc.

Many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and bio-medical solution providers have the infrastructure and marketing savvy to roll out healthcare tools for lay users and hospitals—but cannot afford the development costs of a prototype working to globally accepted standards.

That is where Bangalore-headquartered product developer, iWave Systems Technologies' latest launch might fill the need. The company has just unveiled a Medical Healthcare IoT device to monitor body temperature, heart rate, and other vital parameters and send the data using a WiFi or ethernet network. It is built on the Synergy platform of US-based Renesas, which allow manufacturers to roll out devices quickly to a global standard.

iWave Systems developed both hardware and software for this solution that OEMs can easily turn into a product.


iWave Systems Technologies is part of a network of some 15 Independent Design Houses (IDHs) in South East Asia, Oceania, and India, which now supports the Renesas Synerg Platform to help system designers drive innovation and differentiation in their products with accelerated development and lower total cost of ownership. iWave is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, established in 1999, which focuses on standard and customised System on Module or Single Board Computer product development in industrial, medical, automotive & embedded computing application domains.

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