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Animals gone crazy: Some sex acts that will shock you

Kangaroo and Pig love 'Apples' the pig and ‘Fuck It’ the kangaroo.

Quite an unusual thing was caught on camera at the backyard of an Australian man last week. A male Kangaroo and a female pig have been photographed getting a little too intimate, with utter disregard for animal experts, who described the pets' behaviour as rare, atypical and aberrant.

While scientists were quick to attribute the strange romance to a clutch of reasons—from years of captivity together to the strong pheromones secreted by the pig—their owner, Sydney-resident Greg Dick, is convinced it is because of the Kangaroo's prodigal libido. It is not without reason Dick calls him 'F**k It' (seriously, that is the Kangaroo's name). The pig goes by the name Apples.

Apparently, F**k It will try to get on to anything he can hump and Dick says it is a surprise he hadn't had a go at the geese in his compound yet.

In light to this strange relationship, we thought it is only appropriate to list a few other animal behaviours that we humans will find deviant.

If seals are bad, otters are awful

seal-penguin Screen grab of a fur seal attempting to copulate with a king penguin at Marion Island | via YouTube

Scientists have documented activities of several animals engaged in coerced sexual acts that in human context could have easily been called a rape. For instance, in 2006, scientists for the first time noticed a fur seal attempting to copulate with a king penguin on sub-antartic Marion Island. In 2014, more than one seal have been caught having forced sex with penguins. At least in one case, the seal killed the penguin it was raping, says BBC.

Animals gone crazy: Some sex acts that will shock you Some otters kills baby porpoises and have sex with its rotting corpses for weeks together | AFP

If seals are bad, Sea otters are awful. They have been found raping seal pups to death. Part of the mating process involves holding the female’s head under water, which ultimately kills the seal pups. For over an hour and a half, the male otter will hold the seal pup in this position, raping it until it is dead. Sometimes when the seal pup dies, the otter lets it go but some otters, however, will hang on to the pup and continue to rape its dead and decaying corpse for up to a week later.

Dolphins aren't so cute either

dolphins-cute Dolphins gang-rape and regularly commit infanticide | Reuters

In 2006, a badly bruised carcass of a porpoise washed up on the shore in California, with broken bones all over the body. In the next two years, there were several sightings of such carcasses with similar injuries—as if the porpoises had been crushed to death in between two heavy logs.

In 2008, The Telegraph reported about new evidence compiled by marine scientists underpinning earlier suspicion that the cute and adorable dolphins were behind such gruesome killings. It said films shot underwater showed dolphins ramming baby porpoises, tossing them in the air and pursuing them to death.

They, apparently, do this to practice killing baby dolphins, which they routinely carryout as a means of driving a female back into heat. This is fairly common thing in the animal kingdom. It has been spotted in lions, meerkats, langurs and many more.

It is a documented fact that sexually aroused dolphins can be violent. According to this journal, gangs of two or three males isolate a single female and forcibly copulate with them, sometimes for weeks together. They make threatening noises and sometimes whack with tails to keep her in line. If she tries to swim away, they will aggressively pursue her. There have been reports of them having sexually targeted even humans.

Gay bonobos

CONGO DEMOCRATIC Homosexual behaviour among bonobos is common | Reuters

Although homosexual behaviour in animals is very common thing in the animal world, the gay love of bonobos has a peculiar twist. They use it to resolve conflicts. According to scientists who have studied their sexual behaviour, bonobos, which closely resemble miniature chimpanzees, use a language of love, rather than a language of aggression, to resolve conflicts. Since most of the conflicts take place between the same sex, there is a heightened need for some “action” to cool things down.

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