Apple creates Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6, 6S

iphone-charger Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6s in Charcoal | AFP

Apple silently unveiled Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S recently. The Smart Battery Case is already available for $99. Apple says the case can extend the battery life to between 18 and 25 hours depending on the usage like video playback, internet surfing and making calls.

The product stems from a recognised problem with the iPhone's battery life. Many competitors had already cashed in on iPhone's battery problems and come out with their own solutions. Apple says the Smart Battery Case is completely "designed by Apple".

The case is available in two colours, white and charcoal. The product fits like a regular iPhone case. The case can be charged via a standard Lightning port. The phone and the case can be charged simultaneously, and Apple said the phone will display an "intelligent battery status" when the case is in use.

There was no information on whether similar cases for the other iPhone models will be available.

(With inputs from AFP)

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