This powerbank doubles as wireless storage

This powerbank doubles as wireless storage

Kingston is better known as a maker of flash USB storage devices. Now they have broadened their storage range to include powerbanks—those essential accessories for every mobile phone owner. But not just a powerbank. The Kingston Mobilite Wireless Pro combines the emergency battery backup with a handy external storage for your phone. And what's more it is wireless enabled which means data transfer from phone to Mobilite can be done without a physical connection.

As a powerbank, it is no slouch—offering 6700 mAh with a 2A output. It also houses, 64 GB of additional Flash storage. You need to download its special Android or iOS app on your phone, before you can transfer files between the phone and the Mobilite, wirelessly -- or even back up your phone's files for safety. And as an added bonus, It can also double as a wireless access point.

In addition to a USB slot, the Mobilite sports an SD card slot and an adapter that lets you plug a microSD card in the same slot. The SD slot also takes the bigger cards that fit into digital cameras, so you can download to the Mobilite if the camera card is full.

A combo of multiple phone-friendly functions for a reasonable Rs8999.

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