Man owns Google for a minute

Google course in India (File) A former Google employee purchased the domain name Google.come for $12

In the intricate world of web, just about everything depends on the domain name. If you have the right name, you are sure to get traffic to your site, regardless of what you offer.

Now imagine you have that name which is the dad of all domain names... wait, do not bother to Google, the name is Google.

Sanmay Ved had this brief moment of glory. He owned the domain, albeit for a minute.

Ved, a former Google employee, was searching for domain names up for sale on the web when he chanced up on something that had him in awe. The name was available for sale — that too for $12.

The transaction went through and just like that Ved was the owner of

However, a minute later, Ved received a mail, telling him that his ownership has been cancelled.

It was indeed a momentous one minute, one that he wishes lasted for a lifetime.

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