Bobble app: Add emotion to your selfies!

Bobble app: Add emotion to your selfies!
  • The Bobble app lets you personalize your selfie—and share it as a sticker... great if you prefer emojis to words.

Add selfies to texting and what do you get? The Bobble app encourages you to be creative and emote your selfies, while chatting with your friends. The app converts your selfie pictures into a bobble head sketch, which can be used as a sticker with your messages. If you are feeling happy, your sketch can be converted into a funny happy-faced sticker. This Selfie-personalisation app comes with its own keyboard for Android and iOS.

According to its creators, Bobble’s technology adjusts the expression on every face to match the emotion of the sticker. The face tone of each head is also adjusted to match with sticker body and theme.

While there are apps available that let you buy stickers, Bobble is a little different. It letting you create your own, personalized ones. It is an interesting app to try if you are someone who prefers expressing with emojis rather than words.

Bobble works on all messenger platforms including Whatsapp, Hangouts, Facebook and WeChat. The app recently announced its integration with iMessage for iPhone and iPad. It is available for free download in GooglePlay and Apple Store.

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