84-year-old develops technology to reduce fuel consumption of IC engines

Reddy-kns Retired mechanical engineer, K.N.S. Reddy

The enthusiasm of a Bengaluru-based retired mechanical engineer, K.N.S. Reddy, knows no bounds. At 84, he has developed a solution to a century-old problem of Internal Combustion engines that has been affecting their efficiency.

Reddy spends most of his time thinking of innovative solutions to persisting problems at his upmarket apartment in Dollars colony. The rich industry experience that he accumulated during his stints at various organisations, including Bhilai Steel Plant and Zuari came in handy while developing his technology for IC engines.

He was chiefly concerned over the excessive fuel consumption by a billion IC engines running in cars, buses, trucks, mobile equipments in defence departments, combat vehicles, earthmovers, diesel locomotives, marine diesel engines, stationary diesel engines and so on.

Reddy says his technology can substantially increase the fuel efficiency of such engines and also improve their overall efficiency.

Reddy points out that IC engines around the world are working at low efficiency of around 20 percent because 60 percent of energy provided by fuel is lost to cooling water in these engines.

“Nothing has been done by engine manufacturers in this regard and this problem is persisting for over a century and no attempt has been made by agencies concerned to address the problem,” Reddy says.

“I feel that the IC engines have drastically depleted valuable fuel reserves and at the same time have contributed to increasing pollution and global warming,” Reddy says.

“If this problem is not addressed in the near future, there will be continuous loss of fuel reserves, besides spike in pollution levels and global warming.”

Reddy worked for eight years to develop the technology that injects the water into an engine right after the combustion resulting in enhanced efficiency of the motor.

“My innovation provides synchronized and timed water injection after combustion, for all IC engines,” he explains. “A gasoline injection pump mounted on an IC engine is timed to inject the water into an engine soon after a combustion.”

“Since the water is injected just after a combustion, the engine is cooled more effectively and helps us save on fuel and make the engine more efficient. Water cools engine more effectively compared than cooling water. In addition, water becomes superheated steam and exerts additional pressure on pistons increasing their power,” he adds.

Reddy, however, had a tough time getting his technology recognised by automobile manufacturers as many were not even ready to listen to him.

But remember, hard work always pays off. The Amity Business School in Lucknow conferred the 'Best Idea Award 2016' on Reddy, while Maruti Suzuki Motors has confirmed viability of his 'unique' innovation.

Reddy now is, meanwhile, looking for investors to develop a prototype of his technology.

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