Woman, lover tied together naked for two days in Rajasthan

Woman, lover tied together naked for two days in Rajasthan  Representational image

In a shocking incident, a married woman and her lover were stripped and tied together for two days by villagers at Kasotia in Uadaypur district of Rajasthan. Thirteen people, including the woman's husband and two other women were arrested in connection with the incident.

Though the incident happened in broad daylight on June 20 near a school, no one dared report it to the police. Authorities have sought an explanation from the teachers who have witnessed the whole episode but chose to remain quite.

According to reports, the woman had eloped with her lover on June 17 without the sanction of her community, prompting the villagers to trace the couple and put them on mob trial. The jeering crowd even allegedly clicked pictures of the duo and circulated them on social media.

Though the man was released after his family reportedly paid Rs 80,000 to the villagers, the woman was rescued only after the incident came to light on Friday.

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