Soon, voter friendly booths in UP

Bihar-poll-vote.jpg.image.975.568 The election commission is planning for voter friendly election booths in UP

The Election Commission is planning to make the coming Uttar Pradesh Assembly election a unique experience for voters by making its booths more voter-friendly. It is making comprehensive efforts to spruce up its polling booth and providing maximum comfort to its voters.

The commission will ensure that shades, proper sitting arrangements, clean drinking water facility and toilets are arranged for voters. It will also make arrangements for a play area for small children who accompany their parents to the booth. The security forces will keep vigil of the play areas. Special arrangements will be made for physically challenged people.

Deputy Election Commissioner Umesh Sinha, while taking stock of election preparations along with other officials, revealed these plans. He said, "This time instead of BMF (Basic Minimum Facilities) the commission will implement AMF (Assured Minimum Facilities) policy at its polling booths."

Every family will receive a polling-directory, which will spell out the voters's rights, importance of polling and important telephone numbers which can be used at the time of emergency.

The commission’s website will be made interactive and the commission will also use social media to inform the voters of vital news. Awareness groups, which will come up in every district, will make voters more aware.

The commission will provide more online facilities to political parties and its candidates. For example, for holding election-meetings, opening up election offices and for seeking permits for vehicles, parties and candidates can apply online and their requests will be cleared fast.

In its innovative scheme of things, the commission has also planned to impart training to journalists who will go for election coverage.

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