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Public anger after VMC bans meat for Krishna Pushkaram

Pushkaram (File) The Krishna Pushkaram festival, which happens once in 12 years, will take place between August 12 and August 23

The news that the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC) decided to ban the slaughtering of cattle and sale of meat and seafood in the city for 17 days between August 9 and August 25 on account of the Krishna Pushkaram has caused much furore. The festival, which happens once in 12 years, will take place between August 12 and August 23.

The VMC has claimed that the ban will be enforced as there is a fear of infections and spread of diseases as thousands throng the river banks for a hold dip. The VMC is keen to keep the city clean and will be ensuring strict policing during this time. Those in the business of selling eggs, fish and meat, and those who transport these items will all be at a loss for these 17 days.

This ban has resulted on discussions on freedom for personal choices and the government's place in deciding choices for its people. Though there was news that non-vegetarian items might be available at star hotels due to a special provision for international customers, there is information that the VMC might decide to ban sale of non-vegetarian items here too.

Clarity on the subject is still forming as the district collector A. Babu said, "There will be no blanket ban on sale and consumption of meat in city. It is only an appeal in the interest of larger public. Only in the areas (within 500 metres) surrounding the ghats and Pushkar Nagars, consumption and sale of liquor and meat will not be allowed."

VMC also banned usage of plastic covers with thickness less than 50 microns in the city in view of Pushkarams.

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