Telangana plays moral police with government job aspirants

PTI6_2_2014_000173B (File) Telangana Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao | PTI

It would seem the Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPPC), a state-run agency for recruitments in government departments, is tougher than the moral police. Recently, they put up a list of Do's and Don'ts for those candidates appearing for written examinations conducted by TSPPC.

The candidates should not wear shoes, wristwatch, wallet or sport tattoos on any part of the body. The candidates will have to enter the exam hall either barefoot or wearing flip-flops.

Women cannot wear jewellery, for there is no security and no place to keep the jewellery safe and officials feel that they might lose something while being frisked. Candidates will also not be allowed any mehendi or henna designs on the palms and hands because they have to go through screening in the form of bio-metric left thumbprint/ iris/ photo capture. This way, the identity of the candidate can be verified and they can also check impersonation by any candidate, according to officials.

Apart from these instructions, there is also a dress code for the candidates appearing for the written exam of Group-II services in the government. The candidates will also have to undergo thorough frisking so as to prevent them from resorting to any malpractices. These new set of rules are part of efforts to make the examination process fool-proof, according to the commission.

Nearly 8 lakh candidates are appearing for the tests for 1,032 posts that are to be held on November 11 and 13. Now, who said it was easy to get a government job?

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