Akhilesh and Tipu's sword, top cop enamored with Pink and more

Akhilesh-yadav-UP-crisis (File) Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav

UP tiger: Chief minister Akhilesh Yadav is peeved with the media these days. Reason being that one of the English newspapers described him ‘Aurangazeb’ (the Mughal emperor), in light of a recent rift in the Yadav family. At a function he said, “Sometimes in over enthusiasm media transgresses its limits. No doubt I have been compared with Aurangazeb, but the sword which i have pulled out is of Tipu’s (Tipu is nick name of Akhilesh Yadav too, here he meant the sword of Tipu Sultan). He said that the media played a very important role in building images of persons and objects, so while writing about somthing, media should exercise proper restraint. In a lighter vein, he said that the Samajwadi government had done many things for the welfare of journalists and that this was the age of social media. If journalists write anything, it reaches thousands of followers active on social media in no time; so proper care should be taken while writing about someone.

Rosy outcome: The state police chief has been influenced by Amitabh Bachchan's recent film, PINK. The director general of UP police (DGP) Javeed Ahamed, in a tweet, has exhorted his juniors to see the film because he feels that cops should develop more gender sensitivity and the film would help them broaden their horizons. After seeing the film, the DGP has all praise for it and has strongly recommended his juniors to watch it. The film raises questions pertaining to women empowerment and attacks the regressive notions of the society.

'Mauni' Rahul: The Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, in his Lucknow visit on Friday, targeted prime minister Narendra Modi, but carefully avoided uttering any word against the ruling government. In his 12- minute speech, he vehemently attacked the BJP government but avoided assailing Akhilesh Yadav’s government. Political pundits view it as a deliberate move . Rahul has taken this step keeping in mind the future options. He feels that if the Congress fails to do anything scintillating in the coming polls, then at least it should be a part of anti- BJP faction and should prevent the BJP from assuming the power in the state. This is not for the first time that Rahul has avoided speaking against the SP government. Earlier during his road shows, he followed the same tack.

Another cop-out: On one hand the UP top cop has been exhorting his men to develop sensitivity for the masses; on the other hands, the cops do not leave any chance to embarrass their own department. In one such incident in Hargaon locality of Sitapur district, the cops dragged a body found in a river for about 50 metres after tying it with a rope. The cops asked villagers to take the body out of the river and then asked helpers to drag it . When a video of this shameful act became viral, it stunned senior cops of the district, who immediate swung into action and suspended two of their own. The matter has been handed over for a departmental inquiry .

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