Shut down prayer rooms in public place, reduce daily namaz from 5 to 1: Taslima

INDIA Taslima Nsreen | Reuters

Hailing the decision of some German universities to close down prayer room on the campus, noted author Taslima Nasreen said prayer rooms at public places should be shut down.

“Some German universities closed down prayer rooms. Good decision. Muslims are angry. Actually they are the only people who pray,” she said on Twitter.

Taslima said no school, college, university, library, office, airport, station, market should have prayer rooms. 'Pray at your home, if you have to,” she said.

On being asked as to how five time namaz is possible for working people, she said "There is a qaza namaz system. You can have pending namaz and pray later on."

The Bangladeshi writer also said it is time the number of daily namaz was reduced from five to one.

The 53-year-old author has been critical against the religious dogmatism and discrimination.

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