Railways introduces surge pricing in premier trains


Be prepared to shell out more money for your train tickets from September 9. The Indian Railways has decided to implement the flexi fare system for premier trains like the Rajdhani, Duroto and Shatabdi express. The flexi fare system, in line with the aviation sector, will cause a 10 pc increase in base fares of tickets with every 10 pc of berths sold.

Flexi fare system is same as surge pricing system practiced by online cab agencies like Ola and Uber in which prices go up as the demand increases.

Here are the key points:

1. Base fares could go up from 10 pc to 50 pc depending on the number of tickets sold. This could bring a 3AC ticket fare on par with airfare.

2. No change in 1A and EC fares.

3. Vacant berths left at the time of charting will be offered for current booking. Tickets under current booking shall be sold at the last price sold for that class.

4. The information should also be displayed to the passenger during the booking in case the fare of lower class becomes higher than the higher class.

5. The last price for every class of tickets for the particular train to be printed in the reservation chart.

6. There will be no Premium Tatkal quota in these trains. Tatkal will be available at 150 per cent of the base fare.

Other supplementary charges like reservation charges, superfast charge, catering charges, service tax shall remain unchanged. The revised fares are not applicable for tickets that have been booked already.

The cash-strapped Railways aims to rake in Rs 500 crore from the new fare structure in these trains.

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