P.T.Usha says there's nothing political in her chairing BJP natl executive meet


Former Indian athlete and Olympian P.T.Usha is to be the chairperson of the organising committee of the BJP's national executive meet in Kozhikode in September. This has caused raised eyebrows in Kerala and sporting circles, but she insists there is "no politics" in it.

Speaking to IANS, Usha said she has been chosen as the chairperson of the organising committee and "that's it".

"I have no appetite for politics nor am I leaning towards any side," said Usha, who runs the Usha School of Athletics in Kozhikode since 2002 and has seen her wards Tintu Luka and Jisna Mathew competing in the recently concluded Rio Olympics.

Usha confirmed that the BJP leadership sought her consent and when she heard that the prime minister will be attending the meet, she agreed to head the organising committee.

The national executive will be held in Kozhikode from September 23 to 25 and besides Modi, all the top brass of the BJP, including the state leaders, will attend.

Usha said, "Since the event is being organised in Kozhikode, which is very dear to me, I was happy to give my consent. Please, do not add any political colour to it."

Usha is known for her stellar performance at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, where she missed the bronze medal in the 400m hurdles finals by 1/100 second. Now she provides training to budding athletes at her school.

She provides resources to the upcoming track and field stars of India through independent research study activities, application of new technologies and development of new specialised training programs and training aids.

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