PM humiliates me whenever I go to Delhi: Mamata

PTI6_18_2016_000133B (File) Mamata, who was speaking to the student leaders of TMC, was aggressive while describing PM Modi's rule in Delhi

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday said she faced humiliation by Prime Minister and central government whenever she visits Delhi. Citing the famous Alexander-Puru story, Mamata said, "If Alexander could give a good treatment to Puru, then why should not I get the same? I am also head of state and have not come to power by anybody’s mercy." However, she did not detail how she was humiliated.

Mamata, who was speaking to the student leaders of TMC, was aggressive while describing PM Modi's rule in Delhi. She threatened to move to Delhi and hit the streets in protest if the financial aid to the state was not resumed in three months. She hinted that if state governments were to share 50 per cent of the government project expenditure, then the project should not be named by Central government. "In almost all the projects, they have reduced their share. On top of it, they name it after the Prime Minister, his junior ministers or BJP leaders. But in reality I am giving 50 per cent of the total spending," she said. She also said BJP government at the Centre had threatened to "block her attempt" to change the name of the state from West Bengal to Bengal.

Coming down heavily on the PM, Mamata said, "Modi does not spend money. He does not give states the money. He orders for costly coat and enters his name into Guinness Book of Records. Then he says that he has saved money. Just tell me if a man earns salary of Rs 10,000 and does not eat, does not buy clothes and does not spend on sanitation and allows himself to die will you call him sensible? Narendra Modi is such a person. He is pushing the country to death," said Mamata.

She also lambasted Modi for his stress on Aadhar card and asked students and youths to launch massive protests against it. "People can't get anything without Aadhar Card. In Bengal, 50 per cent of people don’t have Aadhar card. Our students are deprived of scholarship and the old are deprived of pension. Is this a government for poor? Rubbish! Aadhar is a responsibility of the Central government but they are not doing it. Where is the money?" said Mamata.

'Plot against my government in the court'

The CM said it is not on the streets but in the courts that Congress and CPM alliance tries to upset her government. She said that even after doing much for the courts of Bengal, it has become a place for all political conspiracy against her.

"I have never kept the suggestion of the court pending. I gave them all infrastructure, I have recruited more judges than any states. But the unfortunate thing is that the court has become a place where all plots are being hatched by Congress and CPM. That alliance could not come to street," Mamata said.

Mamata also blamed the Central government for inciting separatists in Bengal. She alleged that Greater Cooch Behar People’s Association (GPCA), which a few years back had launched a violent movement demanding separate state, has formed their own volunteer force named as Narayani Sena.

"And they are being trained by the BSF. The BSF, which tortured us during election, gives them training. GPCA is the one which wants to break West Bengal. When I took up the mater, BJP told me that they would be trained so that they could enter army and have their special regiment," said Mamata.

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