Parents poison daughter over affair


In another case of honour killing, parents of a 21-year-old woman have been arrested for poisoning their daughter. The woman, Madhukumari, was in a relationship with a dalit man, Jayaram. Madhukumari's parents opposed the relationship and allegedly poisoned her. The incident happened in Nanjangud, 33 km away from Mysuru, Karnataka.

According to reports on NDTV, the woman's death was initially reported as a case of unnatural death. But the police after further investigation found out about Madhukumari's relationship and the family's opposition to it.

The police have arrested the girl's parents Gurumallapa, 64, and Manjula, 48—and her brother Guruprasad, 26. Media reports say the girl's brother bought the pesticide, which was given to the girl after being mixed with mango juice. The girl was not taken to the hospital or given any medical attention and died in the evening.

As the body was cremated, a postmortem could not be conducted. But, the police were successful in recovering the glass in which the poison was given to Madhukumari. The cops have also found some letters in which she claims that she feared for her life.

Jayaram has been provided with police protection.

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