Ola charges Rs 9.15 lakh for 450km journey

uber-vs-ola Ola has been facing backlash for charging customers more than its usual rate during rush hours and heavy rains

When Rathish Sekhar booked an Ola cab for his trip from Hyderabad to Nizamabad and back the estimate showed as Rs 5,000. But once he returned from the journey, he was in for a shock. He was charged Rs 9.15 lakhs.

Sekhar, a private consultant on a government project, told Deccan Chronicle that he had travelled to Nizamabad and back on August 24. At the end of the journey he was billed Rs 9.15 lakhs and the distance travelled was shown as 85,427kms, when it was actually just 450kms.

Mr Sekhar told the website, it could have been Rs 9,000. "There were no dots between the numericals. For example, some times the bill amount is displayed as ‘9158.87’ which would mean Rs 9,158. But even Rs 9,000 would be almost double the estimate," he said.

After frantic calls to Ola desk, the bill was reduced to Rs 4,812. The staff of the company apologised for the incident saying that it was a computer error.

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