Now, apply for casual leave through WhatsApp and SMS

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Allahabad has introduced a novel system in various schools of the district.

To promote paperless working, the education department in Allahabad has introduced a system in which teachers and other staff of government-run primary and secondary schools will now be granted casual leave through WhatsApp and SMS. Teachers will no longer have to write applications to get their leave sanctioned.

In this regard, the department has established a control room in its Mumford Gunj office.

The order for “paperless leave” has been issued by Basic Shiksha Adhikari (BSA) Sanjay Kumar Kushwaha. The order, which was signed dated July 7, states that the system of applying for casual leaves has been done away with by the department.

The department has issued Closed User Group (CUG) numbers and email ids on which the applicants seeking leave will send information.

The applicants will inform authorities concerned either one day before leave or on the same day, before schools open for the day.

This new system has been introduced by the department to curb the practice of teachers not being in attendance in schools without informing the authorities.

Certain cases came to light when teachers submitted undated applications which are not put on record. When an inspecting officer reaches the school for checking, then fellow teachers put the date on the application and show it to the concerned officer. The leave goes unrecorded and the teacher plays a truant from the school.

After the introduction of this system, requests for leave will reach the authorities concerned in advance and it will remain in official record. If checking takes place, the inspecting authority can directly ask about the leave application by sending a message on WhatsApp or on other CUG number.

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