Not in good taste to simply attack Mohanlal, says Union minister Naqvi

naqvi-mohanlal What Mohanlal wrote in his blog was the voice of more than 1 billion Indians, said Naqvi

Union Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi has praised Malayalam superstar Mohanlal for supporting demonetisation. 

Said Naqvi to THE WEEK, “Mohanlal is a great actor and a wise man. What he said, through his blog, was the voice of more than 1 billion Indians. It is not in good taste to simply attack a public figure like Mohanlal because his views contradict yours. This is not acceptable. All of us have the right to air our views.”

Naqvi said that demonetisation was a crusade against corruption and black money. “The government of India is sincere about development and the well-being of every citizen in the country. The entire country is with us. People are supporting us wholeheartedly in this revolutionary move.”

Mohanlal, who refrained from commenting to THE WEEK at this juncture, had earlier praised PM Narendra Modi for demonetisation. Said Mohanlal, “I am also forced to adjust. I can bear with the situation as a responsible citizen and also as a person who can think seriously.” Soon, politicians from the Left Democratic Front and the United Democratic Front attacked Mohanlal for supporting demonetisation. Said the newly-inducted minister M.M. Mani, who is considered a maverick, “Mohanlal is backing Modi because he has black money in his possession.”

BJP state president Kummanam Rajasekharan came in support of Mohanlal and said that planned and organised attacks in Kerala against those who support demonetisation should come to an end.  

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