Launching a full frontal attack against Pakistan, Modi says Uri terror attack will not be forgotten

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Breaking his silence in the aftermath of the Uri incident, PM Modi launched a frontal attack against Pakistan, claiming that one country in Asia was a haven for terrorists. "Only one country in Asia wants bloodshed. They are blocking the development of this continent. Wherever there is a terrorist attack, this country's name is mentioned. They either export terror or people like Osama bin Laden use this country as a safe haven after the attacks are conducted,” he said. It is Narendra Modi's first public address since the deadly terror attack on an army camp at Uri in Jammu and Kashmir in which 18 soldiers were killed, set in the backdrop of the three day National Executive in Kozhikode.

“Terrorism is the enemy of humankind. But we will never bow down in front of them. The entire country is tense. One such terror attempt by our neighbour resulted in the death of 18 troops. We will not remain silent. We will respond. There have been 17 such attempts to infiltrate our borders over the past months. Our army was able to end the lives of almost 110 such terrorists. Our country is certainly proud and thankful for the Indian army who foiled all these attempts and continues to keep our border safe. Some of these leaders from the neighbouring countries said that they were prepared for 1000 years of war. Where is your bravado now? One of their leaders is now singing songs of Kashmir and reading the speech of a slain terrorist,” he said.

"I wish to speak to the people of Pakistan. There is no use talking to the leaders who recite speeches of terrorists. But I wish to speak to the people. PoK is in your control. Why aren't you able to handle you own land. What about Sindh, Baluchistan, Gilgit? What happened to Bangladesh? The Government is trying to fool the citizens of Pakistan. You should ask your Government. We got independence at the same time. India is exporting technology, they are exporting terrorism. We will take up the challenge of a 1000 years of war- the war to exterminate poverty. We will see who accomplishes it first. Come, let us start a war, a war against unemployment. Let us see who completes the goal first. We will not let the death of the jawans go in vain."

"When I went to the Gulf countries, I met with the leaders there. But, it was my bigger wish to meet the Malayalees who toiled in the foreign soil. While meeting the leaders, I felt proud when they showered praises on the hardworking Indians, the Malayalees," PM Narendra Modi said. "In this soil, in 1967, Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya became the president of Jan Sangh after a conclave at Kozhikode. Over the years, BJP has become the single largest party which is governing the country now. There were three prominent personalities in the last century who shaped India- Mahatma Gandhi, Deenadayal Upadhyaya, Ram Manohar Lohia. When I first came into power, I promised one thing. This would be a Government which would remain dedicated to the poor. And we have proved it in the past 2.5 years. Sab ka Saath, Sab ke Vikaas. That is our motto going forward. We are implementing schemes that will uplift everyone," he said. He said that eventhough the party could not come to power in Kerala, it was the selfless commitment of BJP cadre and balidanis (martyrs), who were fighting for their ideology and beliefs, that lent the party its strength.  

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived here on Saturday evening to take part in the BJP National Council meeting, that began here a day ago. He was received by top state and national level party leaders. Modi, who arrived in an IAF aircraft at Karipur International Airport, took a helicopter to a stadium near the venue. After the public meeting, Modi will chair a meeting of top party functionaries. In the night he will meet three Christian bishops at the Kozhikode Guest House, where for the first time a Prime minister of the country is staying overnight. On Sunday, Modi will again take part in the party meeting. He will also meet up with state level leaders of NDA allies in Kerala. Modi will also partake of the traditional 'Onam' feast and then return to Delhi.

(With inputs from IANS)

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