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Gay people are unsafe in India too: Modi slammed for Section 377

modi-eyes (File) Prime Minister Narendra Modi rubbing his eyes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi came under heavy fire for his tweet sharing his sympathies for the victims of mass shooting in Orlando, Florida. His tweet was carefully worded to say how shocked and sorry he was. His response was well in the line of other world leaders. Why troll him then? You may ask.

The web users were quick to point out that the massacre took place at a gay nightclub and the Section 377 is still in effect in India. The law, Section 377, criminalises the same sex relationship. People who are found guilty under this law can be punished with imprisonment for life and fine.

Some of the Twitteratis even claimed that members of LGBT community feel unsafe under the BJP governance in the country.

In spite of growing support for decriminalising of same sex relationship, India is yet to strike down this colonial-era law.

The political leaders from the ruling and the Opposition are divided over the issue. While some root for decriminalisation of gay sex, some call homosexuality a “genetic disease.” With no backing of the judiciary or the government, members of the LGBT community live under a constant fear of violence and legal action.

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