Mamata attacks Modi, spares CPM

  • Mamata Banerjee at Martyrs Day rally in Kolkata on Thursday | Salil Bera
  • Trinamool Congress Rally on Martyrs Day at Esplanade in Kolkata on Thursday | Salil Bera

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday came down heavily on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and RSS hinting that it’s BJP, not CPM, which would be her political opponent in the future.

For the first time, at a big rally in Kolkata, Mamata did not criticise the Left much and only mentioned them once while talking about the economic situation in Bengal.

Speaking on the Martyr’s day, the day 13 Congress youth workers were killed in police firing 24 years back, Mamata said Modi government was leading a false developmental campaigning in the country.

“Prime Minister is advertising about Jan Dhan Yojna. But there are 800 panchyats in Bengal where there is no bank. One cannot tolerate such falsehood. Even the 100 days of work have been stopped. Most of the projects are being run by state government, but they are taking credit for it,” she said.

“They have increased allocations for state. But they stopped more than 20 projects which used to be pro-poor policies,” said Mamata.

The chief minister also alleged that those who opposed the PM were being threatened by the CBI and ED.

“The BJP government is blackmailing me using the CBI, if I refuse to listen to them. I don’t care. Let them do that,” said the fiery chief minister.

She also alleged that central government was saffronising the governance in the country.

“The RSS is carrying out a survey in Bengal where they are going door to door and counting which household has how many cows. I have such information. But I want to remind them that I would not tolerate this,” said she.

The chief minister said that not only her even businessmen were being threatened by the Modi government.

“I have information that around 80,000 businessmen in the country have gone out of India fearing CBI and ED. Instead of brining back black money they are sending white money out of the country,” said Mamata.

Calling the torture against dalits in Gujarat as a curse on the society, Mamata condemned the incident. She also asked Modi government to stop killing people in Kashmir.

“I don’t want to protest on Kashmir as I think it’s about national security. But I must tell the government not to kill people in Kashmir,” said she.

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