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Khaki-obsessed doctor fools Bengaluru police; woman trainee blows his cover

tejas-reddy Tejas Reddy

A strange case of fraud involving a doctor has been reported in Bengaluru. What's interesting about it: the city police force was the victim of this con artist.

The case has exposed gaping loopholes in the functioning of city police force, which danced to the tune of an imposter for at least two months.

A 28-year-old city-based doctor posed as an IPS officer and a son of retired top cop from Davangera, had gained access to several police stations in the city.

The accused was identified as Tejas Reddy had introduced himself as the Assistant Superintendent, who has been tasked to oversee functioning of all police stations in the city.

The unsuspecting police officers fell for his charm and welcomed him with tea and snacks at their police stations, besides answering to his questions related to the cases they were investigating, said news reports.

On June 4, Reddy accomplished by a friend visited police stations in Nelamangala, Jalahalli, Soladevanahalli, Hebbala and KR Puram.

However, his decision to stretch his luck further proved to be costly. After checking in on stations, he visited Thanisandra police training school and sought to meet a woman trainee.

The trainee, who was said to be from Davangere, did not buy Reddy's story. His cover was soon blown and when she confronted him with questions over his credentials he and his associate rushed out of the facility in a hurry.

The police trainee informed the faculty, who informed the Sampigehalli police. And a simple phone call to Davangere police control room unmasked Reddy. The inquiring police were informed that there was no IPS officer by the name of Tejas Reddy.

Reddy, by the time, had realised that his cover was blown and disappeared. The probe into the case led a special police team to Tirupati in Andra Pradesh, where Reddy was arrested.

In his statement, Reddy has confessed to his crime, said police.

Reddy has claimed that he secured an MBBS degree from Ukraine. And he worked at various private hospitals in the city. He was also obsessed with police job and even took UPSC exam, which he failed to clear, said reports.

His obsession with the police service is suspected to be the main motive behind his actions of impersonating as an IPS officer. However, the probing officers are not ready to buy his story at the face value like before.

Police suspect that there may be more to his story than what he is letting on.

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