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KCR to offer golden crown worth Rs 3.5 crore to godess

gold-crown-telangana-ani The crown, weighing 11.7kg, will be presented to the godess by the chief minister | Image source: Twitter/ANI_news

The goddess Bhadrakali of Warangal will wear a beautiful golden crown worth Rs 3.5 crore on Sunday on the occasion of Devi Navarathri. The crown, weighing 11.7kg, will be offered by none other than Telanagana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhara Rao.

KCR, during the separate Telangana agitation, had taken a vow that he would present ornaments to various gods and goddess in both the Telugu states, if a separate Telangana state was carved out. 

The crown was designed by the GRT jewellers. KCR, along with his wife Shobha Rao, will visit the temple on Sunday to fulfill his vow. 

Though the chief minister had taken a personal vow, the crown to the goddess will be presented on behalf of the state. The state cabinet has approved the proposal and the money is spent from the state treasury. 

Besides the crown to goddess Bhadrakali in Warangal, KCR has also offered a necklace to Lord Venkateswara in Tirumala (which costs the state ex-chequer Rs 5 crores), a nose stud to goddess Sri Kanaka Durga in Vijayawada and goddess Padmavathi in Tirupathi and mustaches to Lord Kuruvi Veerabhadra Swamy. The cabinet has also decided to construct a guest house for devotees visiting Ajmeer Dargah in Rajasthan. 

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