Karnataka trying to create a constitutional crisis: Ramadoss

Pattali Makkal Katchi(PMK) party founder Dr S Ramadoss Pattali Makkal Katchi(PMK) party founder Dr S Ramadoss

The Karnataka government, which is trying to create a confrontation between the legislature and the judiciary on the Cauvery issue should be taught a strict lesson, said PMK founder S.Ramadoss on Thursday.

He said Karnataka's statement that it has no water to release was a lie.

In a statement issued here, Ramadoss said the Karnataka government, as if insulting the Supreme Court, decided to postpone release of 6,000 cusecs of Cauvery river water to Tamil Nadu.

Not only this, the Karnataka cabinet also decided to convene a session of its legislature to discuss the issue of water release as ordered by the apex court.

According to Ramadoss, at the special session, the assembly may pass a resolution against water release and thereby create a political-legal problem raising the debate over which was more powerful-the Supreme Court or the state legislature.

He said that when the case comes up for hearing in the apex court on September 27, Karnataka may state that its legislature has decided not release water.

If the Supreme Court condemns that action then it may lead to the situation of confrontation between the judiciary and the legislature.

As per Wednesday night's water inflow situation in the four dams in Karnataka built across Cauvery river, Ramadoss said the water inflow is 10,460 cusecs. That apart, water at the rate of 5,846 cusecs are being released from these dams and Karnataka should explain why this much water is being released.

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