Javadekar rejects charge of Modi running 'one-man show'

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There is no basis to criticism that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is running a 'one-man show' and the perception that the society is getting polarised under the NDA government was totally misplaced, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar has said.

The Environment Minister said a democratic decision-making process was being followed by the Modi government and all major decisions were taken after a consultative process.

"I sometimes wonder that we should relay our Cabinet meetings to you (media). Then you will understand, what a Democratic functioning happens in the Cabinet.

"Everybody can speak his mind, give his opinion. The Prime Minister never intervenes. He listens to all opinions and then he gives his opinion that what should be considered," said Javadekar, replying to a question about criticism that Modi had concentrated all power in his hands and takes major decisions on his own.

Earlier this month, former Union minister Arun Shourie had hit out at Modi, accusing him of "narcissism" and running a one-man "Presidential government".

Asked about criticism that the society is becoming polarised under the NDA rule, Javadekar rejected the charge, saying the Prime Minister repeatedly refers to 125 crore Indians as one entity.

"Polarisation is not our government or party's agenda, never. We are for a united India. We believe in one people, one nation.... The Prime Minister never discriminates amongst the people. He talks about 125 crore people as one entity," Javadekar told PTI in an interview.

He said the Opposition parties were raising insignificant issues to attack the government.

"The opposition parties have lost their game. Therefore they are bereft of any real issue. They are now doing research to find out some issue and they cling to it," said Javadekar.

Asked whether the Centre could have handled the Uttarakhand issue in a better way, he said, "It is not the government alone. There was a situation and a Governor's report. President acts on Governor's report. Things were happening. But Ultimately court also has a role and they played it."

Asked why government was not being able to bring back blackmoney as promised by BJP ahead of the Lok Sabha polls, Javadekar said it had done a lot to curb the menace.

"We have made laws more stringent to contain blackmoney. Every lead which comes to government on blackmoney, we take it to its logical conclusion. Thousands of matters are being scrutinized and hundreds of cases have been filed in courts," he said.

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