Is Jisha's murderer dead?

Is Jisha's murderer dead?

Police investigating the Jisha murder case are gearing upto test the DNA of a migrant labourer who committed suicide. They are planning to examine the labourer's DNA to see of it matched the samples recovered from Jisha's body. Jisha, a law student, was brutally murdered on April 28 at her home in Perumbavoor.

The sample from Jisha's body was not available at the time of the death of the labourer. The investigations till now have not helped the police find the killer. They have now decided to investigate the labourer's death.

The police suspect that the murderer might have planted false evidences in order to mislead the investigations. The footwear found near the house might have been left there by the killer later, the police said. They are also considering the fact that the footwear might have belonged to labourer.

The botched up postmortem and the quick cremation of the body have crippled the police in their investigation. The saliva sample collected from the bite mark on the left shoulder is the only valuable evidence that the police have been able to come up with. But even on this there is a difference of opinion among the investigators.

The suspects who were taken into custody were later proved to be innocent as the DNA sample did not prove conclusive. Though a case was built against a labourer from Bengal, it was later dropped as the DNA did not match.

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