Is India to give up claim to Kohinoor diamond?

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In a statement at the Supreme Court, which could trigger a fresh controversy, the Solicitor General on Monday said, “India shouldn’t claim world-famous Kohinoor diamond from the British.”

The Solicitor General was expressing views of Culture Ministry, while responding to a PIL seeking returning of Kohinoor diamond.

The Culture Ministry is of the opinion that the Kohinoor diamond was not stolen but was gifted to the East India Company by Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Incidentally, the Ministry of External Affairs is also party to the PIL in question and is yet to respond to the latest development.

The apex court asked whether the government wants to dismiss the PIL, saying if the case is dismissed, it would make staking claim on the diamond very difficult in future. The bench has given the government six weeks to file a detailed report on the matter.

The All India Human Rights & Social Justice Front has filed the PIL seeking the apex court's directions to the High Commissioner of United Kingdom Kingdom for return of the diamond among several other treasures.

At present, Kohinoor diamond is set in front of the Queen Mother's Crown, which is displayed at Tower of London.

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