Fewer women joining military

army-woman-ap Only 72 women were recruited in the Army in 2015 | AP

The uncertainty surrounding grant of permanent commission to women seems to be discouraging them from joining military service. And among the three services the Army and the Navy seem to be the less preferred by women.

According to figures given by Defence Minsiter Manohar Parrikar in the Lok Sabha, the number of women recruited in the Army has fallen from 127 in 2013 to 104 in 2014. It came down further to 72 in 2015. This year 37 women have been recruited till date.

The Navy which recruited 50 women officers in 2013, got 57 in 2014. But the figure fell to 35 in 2015. This year there have been 20 women officer recruits.

The Air Force, on the other hand, has been attracting more and more women. If 144 joined up in 2013, there were 155 in 2014 and 223 in 2015. Even this year, the IAF has received 85 women officers till date.

Women are yet to prove their penchant for gallantry in the armed forces. Till date only one women officer has been conferred with a Sena Medal for Gallantry - an Army officer way back in 2010.

The Navy's appeal against a Delhi High Court order to grant permanent commission, is pending before the Supreme Court.

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