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Delhi model suicide: Sister releases shocking pictures; more trouble for husband

Priyanka-Kapoor-Chawla-pic Picture of Delhi model Priyanka Kapoor Chawla's battered and bruised face

The pictures of Delhi model Priyanka Kapoor Chawla's battered and bruised face have gone viral on the internet after they were released by her sister Dimpy on Tuesday. The 25-year-old socialite committed suicide on March 27 due to domestic violence by her husband, Nitin Chawla.

One of the photos show Priyanka's battered face, swollen eye and stitches on her forehead. The picture was taken on January 30 after she was beaten up by Nitin for reportedly going out for tea with a friend.

She was allegedly again beaten up when she tried to inform her parents about Nitin's violent behavior. However, she was taken to her parents' home after she managed to get in touch with them.

“Nitin then followed us to our home and stood outside our house like a maniac. We refused to entertain him. We told him that we will speak to his parents. The next day, we called Nitin’s parents and told them that we are approaching the police, but they threatened us. Nitin’s brother told us that he had contacts,” Dimpy said according to Hindustan Times.

Nitin's parents next day met Priyanka and convinced that this was 'normal' in marriage life and assured that such incidents won't repeat. She agreed to go with them based on their assurance.

According to latest reports, meanwhile, Nitin concealed details of rape charges that he was facing from his wife when they married in January.

Police which is digging into his background have indicated that he may be slapped with few other charges.

The police have come across a rape case against Chawla (38) registered in Mumbai around three years ago, about which Chawla had suspectedly not mentioned to his wife Priyanka Kapoor (25) before marriage, a senior police official said on Tuesday.

Delhi Police have written to their counterparts in Mumbai seeking details on the progress of the case, with regard to which Chawla had got bail from a city court there in 2014, the official said.

In the case, the complainant had told police that in 2011 she met Chawla at a nightclub in Delhi, following which Chawla allegedly raped her over a period of time on the pretext of marriage, never disclosing his marital status until the complainant came to know about it on her own.

Chawla, who is suspected to have got the woman's admission done at an institute in Mumbai, also allegedly forged her signature and issued cheques on her bank account.

Mumbai Police is learnt to have registered a case on the basis of the complaint and arrested Chawla in 2013, the official said.

Thorough background details of an accused is necessary for filing a water-tight chargesheet in any case, he said.

On the wee hours of Saturday, socialite and entrepreneur Priyanka Kapoor was found dead at her apartment in south Delhi's Defence Colony area. She allegedly hanged herself from a ceiling fan, leaving behind a suicide note.

Chawla married Kapoor on January 6 around a month after he divorced his first wife, with whom he has a son (10) and a daughter (8).

It is also suspected that Chawla did not tell Priyanka about the custody of his son, which led to a dispute between the couple after their marriage. The last dispute between Chawla and Kapoor is also suspected to have occurred because of the former's son being home during Holi, the official said.

Since a day prior to the festival, Priyanka had stopped taking calls following which her mother went to check on her on late Friday night and raised an alarm when nobody opened the door for a long time.

With further investigation, it also emerged that Chawla and his relatives allegedly used to torture Kapoor for a car, they allegedly demanded from the woman's family after marriage, the official said.

"In view of all these allegations, more sections under provision of IPC and Dowry Prohibition Act are likely to be added in the FIR," the official added.

During investigation of the case, the police have so far come across allegations and counter-allegations regarding the cause of dispute between Chawla and his wife.

Chawla during interrogation has alleged that his wife was alcoholic and led a lifestyle too lavish for his income. He even suspected her of being involved in an extra-marital affair and told police that she had once gone missing -- and later found in a hotel with a male friend -- earlier, the official said.

However, Kapoor's relatives have alleged that their daughter was the one cheated on. She was fed up of Chawla's extravagant lifestyle and is believed to have told her parents that Chawla had even not paid the rent of the Defence Colony house for past two months, the official said.

In her suicide note, Kapoor clearly stated that Chawla allegedly used to harass and torture her. She mentioned about physical abuse and how Chawla had allegedly forced her to snap all ties not only with her social cirle but also her own family.

In the two-page note, she went on to say that marrying Chawla was the biggest mistake of her life, the official added.

(With inputs from PTI)

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