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'Congress doing parivar seva, Modi doing desh seva'

modi-i-day-speech Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the nation from the historic Red Fort during Independence Day celebrations | Reuters

The Bharatiya Janata Party on Wednesday rubbished Congress reaction to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Independence Day address from the Red Fort, saying it was nothing but "opposition for opposition’s sake".

The Congress reaction was an indicative of the great panic that has set in the minds of the opposition party over the pro-people and development-oriented NDA Government’s good work, said the BJP in a detailed press release issued in Delhi.

It said, "The factitious and divisive politics of the Congress can no longer be hidden. They need not play with the aspirations and hopes of the people to save their ship which is already sinking thanks to an inexperienced and uninterested leader."

The BJP listed all what they saw as the achievements of the Modi government, and chided the Congress for being a party of "parivar sevaks".

"After all, a party of parivar sevaks duty bound to do parivar seva can hardly comprehend the efforts of a pradhan sevak immersed in desh seva," it said.

The saffron party maintained that the Congress arguments were devoid of facts, logic and sound arguments. "Their spinning skills can be perhaps better utilised in the Indian cricket team," it quipped.

The BJP said an isolated approach of pursuing policies with the sole aim of winning elections had been replaced by the Modi government with an integrated development approach aimed at transforming India.

The party criticised the congress for never opening the gates of the banks for the poor.

Never did the idea of a pension net, social security schemes and health insurance occur in the minds of successive Congress leaders, the ruling party said.

Boasting spectacular economic development figures in the two years, the press release said, "The inflation rate under the NDA government has not crossed 6 per cent while the rates during the Congress crossed double digits. Even with two successive years of drought, country has seen overall increase in output from agricultural sector. In 2009-10 agricultural, forestry and fishing growth was only 0.4 per cent. 2015-16 growth in similar drought condition for this sector was more than double and almost triple of what it was in 2009-10. This growth rate should be compared with previous drought years. For example in 2009-10, food grain production actually dropped. Food inflation was high in double digit. Food inflation in 2012-2013, a good monsoon year was in double digits. There is no comparison between the pro-farmer steps of the NDA and the apathy of the UPA."

Tax terror had become history and crony capitalists were running for cover in the present regime, the ruling party said.

The BJP said most number of farmer suicides and highest crimes against Dalit communities were taking place in states ruled or supported by the Congress, and added that some of the most heinous communal riots in India’s history had happened under the reign of Congress governments.

Talking of India's policy with regard to Pakistan, the BJP made a reference to former prime minister Manmohan Singh and pointed out that “there was a prime minister who was open to ‘debating’ India’s role in Balochistan, and here is a Prime Minister who has categorically sought to name and shame Pakistan for the atrocities it is committing day and night in Balochistan."

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