Chemistry paper leak: Parent threatens suicide as protest intensifies

paper-leak-protest-ani One parent threatens suicide during protest outside the office of the PU board | ANI/Twitter

A high-voltage drama played out in front of the the Department of Pre-University Education (DPUE) in Bengaluru after the schedule chemistry re-examination on Thursday was cancelled due to a fresh question paper leak.

Hundreds of students and parents gathered outside the PU board office to protest and the agitation was intensified with the joining of students organisations and political parties.

The building of the PU department was vandalised and one parent climbed up on the top of the building and threatened to jump off during the protest. However, he was dragged back to safety by others before the situation went out of control.

The students and parents expressed their anguish over the repeated leak of question paper and slammed the government for its failure to stop the menace. The protesting students said that they would not appear for the re-examination.

The protesters are demanding Education Minister K. Ratnakar to step down in the light of new developments.

According to reports, some legislators of ruling Congress party have also joined the protest against the PU board.

The issue soon turned into a political blame game, with opposition demanding Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to take responsibility for the repeated question paper leak.

State BJP president and MP Prahlad Joshi seeking Ratnakar's ouster, has demanded Siddaramaiah to make a statement.

However, in an immediate reaction to the issue, Siddaramaiah said he has been informed about the question paper leak for the second time and said “We will find out who is responsible for this and take necessary action. The BJP is politicising the issue.”

The II Pre-University exam equivalent to Class 12 in central schools is in progress in the state from March 11. The chemistry exam, which was originally held on March 21, was postponed for re-examination on March 31, after a paper leak was detected.

This time, the question paper leak has been detected in two places in the state. The CID officials are questioning the staff members of treasuries.

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