Driving lesson goes awry as two die

Iqbal-Heights Iqbal Heights is a 22-storey building with parking in its first three floors

In an unfortunate event, two persons, including a 14-year-old boy, died in Mumbai on Wednesday after the car they were driving fell down the elevator shaft.

The accident occurred inside the 22-storey Iqbal Heights building near YMCA ground in Nagpada area of the city. The building has parking space on the first three floors with a lift service which take the cars upstair.

According to reports, Mohammad Hafiz Patel was learning to drive a Toyota Etios on the second floor parking of the building with the help of driver Javed Ahmed.

CCTV footage showed the car approaching the lift in reverse. Police suspect the boy must have stepped on the accelerator by mistake and the car fell down the shaft as the lift was on the third floor then. Some reports say the lift then crashed on the car killing the due immediately.

The incident was not noticed by anyone for a long time. Only when the family realised that the duo was missing did they start looking for them. The mangled car was found only much later.

The two were taken to the hospital but were declared dead on admission.

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