Kerala ATM heist

Breakthrough in Kerala ATM heist, Romanian arrested

ATM-Kerala The picture of one of the foreign nationals suspected to be the key players behind the ATM fraud | PTI

A Romanian man involved in a sensational ATM heist from an SBI kiosk in Thiruvananthapuram has been arrested in Mumbai.

Gabriel Marian was taken into custody on Tuesday night from Mumbai. He admitted to being a part of a Romanian gang and identified two others involved in the crime as Bogdean Florian and Christian Victor. A fourth accused is yet to be identified.

Mumbai Police, who detained Marian while he was withdrawing money from an ATM in Station Plaza, handed him over to Kerala Police.

Marian is expected to be brought to Thiruvananthapuram on Wednesday or Thursday.

The accused reportedly admitted to have done the heist with his friends who were in the Kerala capital last month for about two weeks.

They are believed to have stayed at a beach destination in Kovalam.

They placed electronic equipment in the SBI kiosk which enabled them to get the details of card holders who withdrew money from the ATM.

Using the stolen data, the gang withdrew money from Mumbai.

On Sunday, a few ATM cardholders got SMS alerts on mobile telephones stating money had been withdrawn from their accounts.

Around 50 people had complained to the police about it. The total loss to these bank customers has been put around Rs 2.50 lakh.

When they checked the visuals of CCTV cameras, officials spotted two foreigners working on the 'smoke alarm' inside a SBI ATM.

The police then got their records form the hotel where they stayed.

The police have urged all those who used their ATM card form this kiosk to change their pins and have directed all the banks to ensure that their kiosks do not contain any external fixtures.

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