#BoycottAmazon: Amazon sells doormats with Hindu gods, draws flak

#BoycottAmazon: Amazon sells doormats with Hindu gods, draws flak

Amazon drew flak for selling doormats with Hindu gods and goddesses printed on them.

The online marketplace was selling controversial doormats designed by Rock Bull, an international brand, which is known for its religious-themed merchandise.

The sales of doormats in question did not go down well with the Indian community. Soon the #BoycottAmazon surfaced on social media, with people lashing out at e-commerce giant for hurting their religious sentiments and some even said they uninstalled Amazon's apps in protest.

The doormats that were available on its portal had images of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi embossed on them.

Responding to one of the outraged Twitter users, an official handle of the e-commerce company apologised for the controversy.

“@saaxenanurag Sorry for inadvertently hurting your sentiments. We have escalated this to concerned team, for them to review and take appropriate action. Appreciate your understanding,” tweeted Amazon Help.

The users were tweeting screen grabs of Amazon website that displayed the products featuring Hindu deities and also a dormant with the Indian flag on it.

However, the criticism grew stronger and louder against Amazon, when the users realised that there were other doormat products inspired by Christianity and Islam.

Following the backlash, Amazon suspended the sales of most of the controversial products on its website.

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