Bengaluru: Techie tied to electric pole, beaten up for passing lewd remarks at woman

techie-bengaluru A TV grab of footage showing Sri Ramamurthy being tied to an electric pole as a mob thrash him for allegedly stalking a woman.

In a case of mob justice, a techie in Bengaluru was tied to an electric pole and was beaten up for allegedly staking and passing lewd remarks at a woman.

The accused named Sri Ramamurthy had been stalking a 25-year-old woman repeatedly. He was earlier warned by the woman's husband against his behavior. However, Ramamurthy again stalked her on Friday when she was on her way to office and came too close to her passing lewd remarks pretending to talk on the phone.

The woman got scared and informed her husband about her stalker. The husband arrived at the spot with a few friends and confronted the accused.

The things got out of control when locals came to know about Ramamurthy's activities, said reports.

He was later tied to an electric pole on West Of Chord Road and was beaten up.

The Basaveshwaranagar police rescued Ramamurthy and took him into the custody. Ramamurthy is employed with a private IT firm in Bengaluru and is married with two kids.

According to a local tabloid newspaper, the woman did not file a police complaint against Ramamurthy on the request of the techie's family. Meanwhile, Ramamurthy also did not file a police complaint against the woman's husband and others for thrashing him.

Since there was no formal complaint against the accused, the police let off Ramamurthy with a strict warning against repeating such behavior in future, said the report.

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