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Bengaluru: 64-year-old professor marries 27-year-old student; gets thrashed by parents

Akash-Krupa Dr. Akash K. Rose and Krupa Prajapati

On Friday a couple in Bengaluru were roughed up by the girl's parents who were against their marriage. You may ask what's new in it. It was not a regular story of parents opposing relationship between two young people on the grounds of caste, religion, rich or poor.

It was a storyline straight out of a Bollywood flick, where a man in his sixties falls in love and marries a girl in her twenties. And for obvious reasons, the parents of the girl were not very happy about it.

A high-voltage drama played out in Rajarajeshwari Nagar in Bengaluru on Friday as the couple were beaten up by the girl’s parents, when they arrived at the sub-register office to collect their marriage certificate.

Dr. Akash K. Rose, 64, reportedly married Krupa Prajapati, 27, in a secret wedding two months ago.

Akash Rose is the founder-director of the National Institute of Creative Communication in Hennur Gardens. Krupa is a student of the institute.

The girl’s parents who got to know about the couple's visit to sub-register office, confronted them and beat up and hurled abuses at Akash in full public view. The parents were also supported by local activist groups.

The visuals played by local television channels showed Krupa and her another girlfriend struggling to protect Akash from an enraged mob.

According to sources, Akash was accused of being a habitual philanderer, while Krupa was accused of being an opportunist by marrying him for his money.

However, Krupa defended her decision saying she has always felt neglected by her parents as they pampered her brothers. And she found the much-needed attention, compassion and solace in Akash.

Krupa has reportedly threatened to file a police complaint against her parents as she fears for safety of her and her husband.

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