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Air India employee gets out-of-turn promotion for his 'honesty' and he deserves it

Subhash-Chander-promotion AI Secuirty staff Subhash Chander gets out-of-turn promotion

In a first in Air India's history, on Monday the state-run airline awarded an employee out-of-turn promotion for showing exemplary 'honesty' in his job.

On the occasion of India's 70th Independence Day, Air India's Executive Director, Security, Alok Singh conferred upon security staff member Subhash Chander stripes of the rank of Officer.

Chander has made headlines in the past for being a Good Samaritan by returning valuable articles left behind by the passengers.

In January, this year, Chander had found a cash pouch that contained $6,056 and €1,290, worth about Rs 5 lakh, during a post-flight inspection. He immediately alerted his seniors, who in return traced the actual owner of the baggage in a couple of hours and returned after verifying the owner's details. Air India had also felicitated Chander for this.

That was not the first time. Chander had inspired respect and good will from his seniors and passengers on a few other occasions as well.

In 2003, he found a baggage with gold ornaments in a Saudi Arabia-bound flight and in 2004, he found a cash pouch worth Rs 7 lakh. He followed the protocol and returned the valuables to their rightful owners.

No wonder, AI chairman and managing director Ashwani Lohani decided to promote Chander for his 'honesty.'

After all, honesty is the best policy and it pays off too.

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