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Our actions speak for themselves, says Vikas Swarup

vikas-swarup-india-couth-china-sea MEA spokesperson Vikas Swarup

The war of words between India and Pakistan after the terror attack on an amry camp in Uri, is likely to escalate further. Though the ministry of external affairs remained tight-lipped about the levers that India could employ against Pakistan, its spokesperson Vikas Swarup said that “actions will speak for themselves.”

Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit was summoned by foreign secretary S. Jaishankar on Wednesday to show the evidence that India had collected from the terrorists. “Foreign secretary offered that in case the government of Pakistan wishes to investigate these cross border attacks, we are ready to provide finger prints and DNA samples of terrorists killed in the Uri and Poonch incidents,’’ said Swarup.

The offer was limited to providing finger prints and DNA evidence so that Pakistan can verify it against its national database. On being asked if there was a time line for the response, Swarup retorted that they had been waiting for eight years for the Mumbai attacks probe.

While he refused to divulge details of the MEA's plan to isolate Pakistan, it was clear that the ministry is hoping that the support it has got from the world community will create the right environment to condemn Pakistan. However, there was a hint that India may use the Indus Water Treaty as a possible way to warn Pakistan. On being asked about it, Swarup said it is based on “mutual trust and cooperation’’. He refused to elaborate further stating that “everything does not need to be spelt out.”

In an attempt to find another way to reach Pakistan, India has also been wooing China.  New Delhi has been in touch with Beijing on the issue of Masood Azhar. “You would have seen very strong condemnation of the Uri attack from several major countries,’’ said Swarup. 

On the other hand, Pakistan’s attempt to internationalise the Kashmir issue hasn’t been successful, he pointed out. “Two days have passed since the high level debate in the UN General Assembly started. In each of these days, 25 countries have spoken. The UN Secretary General himself has spoken and laid out main areas of concern. If you look at all the statements made so far, no one, I repeat, no one has referred to the issue that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif  devoted 80 per cent of his speech.”

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