SpiceJet flight from Kochi to Mumbai 'forgets' passengers

SpiceJet flight from Kochi to Mumbai 'forgets' passengers (File) Representational image

It was just another regular flight to many passengers from Kochi to Mumbai until a few of them realised that the SpiceJet they had booked was taking off without them.

The incident happened at Kochi airport on Saturday night, thanks to heavy downpour and the carelessness of the bus driver who had to ferry passengers to the flight.

According to media reports, the traffic congestion had caused 75 minutes delay in taking off. When the last bunch of passengers—about 40 of them—were being taken to the aircraft, there was a sudden, heavy downpour. The bus stopped at an apron and stayed there for about 30 minutes.

The SpiceJet passengers in the bus could see two flights ahead of them. Even as they stayed in the bus, the SpiceJet flight SG 154 began to move. However, the passengers were not sure if it was their flight that began to move as they thought that it was improbable that that the flight takes off without them.

The passengers were then taken to the smaller aircraft which was parked there and when they showed their boarding passes to the crew, they were told that the flight was headed to Chennai.

Upset and angry, the passengers began shouting while the SpiceJet ground staff began making calls frantically. After about 20 minutes, the flight which was moving towards the runway, stopped and taxied back to take the passengers.

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