Sachin, Vishwanathan Anand to join Modi's Mann ki Baat

modi-ani (File) Compete with yourself and not others, said Modi

Invoking eminent personalities like J.K. Rowling and Thomas Edison, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his 17th edition of Mann ki Baat on Sunday gave a message of encouragement to the students who are set to appear for the upcoming board exams, saying that they need to hone ‘discipline’ as it was bound to help them focus in their studies and therefore have great results.

The Prime Minister also played a special message by Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar and Chess maestro Vishwanathan Anand for the students preparing for the exams.

I am sure your mind is on the exams of your children that is starting or may have started, the PM said and noted that it is important that the perception towards the concept of examinations should be changed to lessen the stress.

Set your targets and pursue them with a free mind, without pressure. Compete with yourself and not others, said Modi, adding exams are not merely about marks.

Pointing out that discipline is crucial to achieving success in life, Modi asked the students to set their goals and targets high so that they achieve what they desire. Modi also said the students should never compromise on the standards they set for themselves.

Modi said it will be much easier for the students to do well in their exams if they are at peace and asked them not to be worried about the exams.

He also gave them a few tips that would help them do well during the exam time including re-reading the questions well and how to make better use of the time at hand during the exams.

Keep in mind that Dedication, determination and diligence are helpful, he told the students.

Pointing out that exam time is tough on teachers and parents as well, he asked the parents not to exert undue pressure on the children. “ Let them be themselves and watch their confidence soar,” he said.

J.K. Rowling a brilliant example of how anyone can achieve success any time. She had to face many difficulties and failures, Modi said.

Sachin Tendulkar called on students to develop positive thinking before exams as it ensures positive results.

On the importance of sleep, Vishwanathan Anand said it is important to get a good night's sleep before the day of the exam. It is also important to eat well and stay calm, he added.

Wishing the students best, the chess legend asked the students to stay confident.

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